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Things to Consider Before Painting a Bathroom

December 6th, 2016
Photo Courtesy of charlotte holmes via Flickr - License

Photo Courtesy of charlotte holmes via Flickr – License

Bathrooms sometimes get taken for granted. Everyone wants the best when they’re house hunting, but in time your bathroom can fall by the wayside. A well-maintained bathroom, however, is a great place to let your hair down. There’s nothing quite like cozying into a bathtub with a good book or taking a relaxing shower to warm up through the Denver winter.

One of the best ways to make your bathroom more appealing is a nice coat of paint. Paint can add atmosphere and breathe new life into the room. Though, like any room, painting a bathroom comes with its own special set of challenges. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider before painting your bathroom:

Prep Right

Make sure to prep your walls and ceiling before painting. In a bathroom, this means cleaning the walls with bleach to ensure that any mold present is eradicated.

It’s also important to air out your bathroom. Moisture can perpetually stick to the walls and make it difficult for your paint to adhere to the surface. Run the fan, and open any windows to dry out the room.

Consider keeping the windows open while you paint, as well. The dry Denver air can be helpful when you’re trying to keep moisture under control.

Paint Type

The bathroom is a humid environment. Your walls will get wet on a daily basis. This is fine, so long as you choose the correct type of paint.

Stay away from flat paint when you work in areas with a high moisture concentration. Contrary to its name, flat paint actually has a rigid texture. Not only will flat paint wear away faster, but it also traps water and encourages mold growth. Instead, choose paint with a semi-gloss finish; it’s more durable and easier to clean. The glossy texture will also repel water.

Bathroom Traffic

You won’t realize how much you use the bathroom until it’s out of commission. The paint job should only take about a day, depending on your bathroom’s size, but using the bathroom is a necessity.

Make plans to paint around the toilet first. You’ll also want to make sure you have access to the sink for hand washing.

Protect Your Fixtures

The last thing you want is paint splatter on your beautiful bathroom fixtures. Cover up anything you don’t want painted with old sheets or rags. There’s more to cover up than you think. The toilet, shower head, shower frame, sink, lights, and fan should all be protected.

This also ties in with our earlier advice about accessibility. Remember to leave reasonable access to the sink and toilet. Don’t let your project make it impossible to use your bathroom..

Paint Some Accents

Use your new paint project as an excuse to revamp your cabinets and trim with accent colors. These complementary hues can bring a room together with a sleek, elegant touch.

Make sure to plan your paint color accordingly to your accents. We recommend soft, light, neutral colors for the walls and ceilings, and light browns or creams are a good choice for cabinets. When you’re painting a bathroom, aim for a color scheme that relaxes the mind and body.

It’s never a bad time to revamp your bathroom, and these tips will ensure that your project is a success. If you’re looking for a professional painting service in Denver, get in contact with us. We’d love to make your bathroom a place you can be proud of.

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