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Planning Your Exterior Paint Job For This Spring/Summer

February 7th, 2017

Colorado winters mean weekend trips to the resorts and fun on the slopes. It’s hard to fault anyone for wanting snow through April. However, just because snowy days are ahead doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for spring and summer projects. For us, that means getting the crew ready for the exterior painting season. Once the weather breaks and the snow melts, our crews go to work. The late spring and early summer provide the best time of year to paint homes in Colorado. Start planning now to get ready for warm weather painting.

What Needs Painting?

The first question in planning your next paint job is always, “what needs painting?” We get asked this all the time and our answer always changes. No two homes require the same paint job. Put simply, you need to take a look around your home’s exterior. Everything from window trim to your entire exterior might need touch ups or entirely new coats of paint.

Colorado provides a unique challenge to annual painting schedules because of our abundance of direct sunlight. This intense sun bleaches or fades out paint much quicker than other areas of the country. Homes with surrounding trees have a more challenging time. The trees’ shade protects some parts of your home while the sun fades the rest. It’s not uncommon to see homes in the Denver area only half bleached by the sun. We recommend painting your entire home when bleaching occurs. This helps keep your home’s color palette consistent.

Are You Equipped To Paint?

This question is more difficult and always subjective. Some people are up for the challenge of painting their own home, while others may want to leave it to the pros. The decision is in large part determined by what it is you’re painting. If you’re touching up the front door trim, go for it. However, larger painting projects require more skill. The average person isn’t comfortable standing on a ladder while balancing a paint bucket.

Tools are another roadblock for the average person. Pressure washers are expensive and potentially dangerous, while choosing the correct paintbrush is trickier than you’d think.  Save yourself some hassle by scheduling time with a professional painting service. We’re quick, affordable, and have all the right tools.

Give Us A Helping Hand

Our quick, competitive paint jobs can become even less expensive if you prepare your home’s exterior before we arrive. This doesn’t mean scraping paint or washing siding, but instead, trimming bushes and tree branches. There’s nothing more in the way than downed tree limbs or dead bushes from winter storms. We can move those, but it takes us time and costs you money. Simple yard clean up makes a world of difference when the painters come.

While you’re on the lifts, take some time to determine which spring/early summer painting projects you’d like completed this year. We’re always taking reservations for early season painting, but book up quickly. Reserve your slot today and beat the late winter rush.

What our customers are saying:

  • “Brel, is easy to work with, and responsive to communications. The crews were prompt, every phone call or email was promptly returned, and the work was outstanding, including clean up. All our painting jobs will go to this company in the future. “Ricky W.