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What You Need To Know About Exterior Painting This Summer

July 5th, 2017

We’ve talked about exterior painting before and we’ve discussed why summer is the best time to have your home’s exterior painted. But even though the ideal time for an exterior home paint job in the Denver area is June through August, this season doesn’t come without its own set of hazards.

For your new coat of paint to dry evenly, the weather must remain above at least 50 degrees at all times. This may sound straightforward enough, but nighttime temps on Colorado’s Front Range can swing drastically – a main reason June, July, and August are the best times to have your home’s exterior painted. However, just as nighttime temperatures can fall drastically, daytime temperatures can rise to unbearable highs. High temperatures are more than just uncomfortable, though. If the thermometer reads above 85 degrees, rapid drying – leading to poor paint adhesion, flaking, and an uneven finish – will begin.

As professionals, we have found the best ways to combat these issues before they occur:

First, we schedule exterior paint jobs when the forecast appears ideal. This simple scheduling system is often overlooked, especially by DIY painters.

Next, we begin work at dawn when there’s just enough light to safely begin your home’s facelift.

As the sun rises, we paint behind the sun. In other words, we utilize the shade offered by the contours of your home to paint on the shaded sections “behind the sun”. Many people don’t realize how hot the surface temperature their home’s exterior can reach while in the sun as opposed to in the shade. This is of course important because of the 85-degree rule, but also because if you apply paint to an area that has been exposed to consistent heat for a long period of time, blistering can occur. Not only will these blisters leave unsightly bubbles, but you also run the risk of rapid drying – even if the temperature is below 85 degrees.

Staying shaded while painting this summer is about more than personal comfort. It’s necessary to ensure that your new paint job is of the highest quality and provides the best ROI possible.

Not only does painting your home’s exterior help to preserve and renew its aesthetic appeal, but it also protects what’s beneath the paint from wind and water damage (when done right).

If you’re thinking about repainting the exterior of your home, this summer is the perfect time. Give us a call and let our professionals focus on monitoring the weather so you don’t have to. After all, it’s what we do best.

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