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How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Painter!

brel McCoyHi, my name is Brel McCoy and I’ve been painting houses in Denver for over 10 years. During this time I’ve seen good folks like yourself make some terrible mistakes when hiring a painter. I see this stuff because I’m usually the guy who they call in to “make it right” when things go bad.

Whether you’re simply looking at changing the color of one wall or refreshing the look of your entire house there’s some things you need to be aware of before you jump into your project and hire a painter. Here’s the most common mistakes I see people make:


Big Mistake #1 – Paying Too Much Up Front

Most good painters will ask for some type of deposit on a larger job but this should not exceed 25% of the total estimated job cost. And if a job is on the smaller side ($1,000 or less) it’s fairly common that no deposit is taken. If a company is asking for a large sum of money upfront this is a big red flag that they may be having financial difficulties. Steer clear!


Big Mistake #2 – Getting “Sold” by a “Salesman”

There’s a very good chance that the person who comes to your house to give you a bid on a paint job is not going to be the person who actually does the job. This industry is chocked full of sales pros who’s only job is to sell and in some cases have never even painted professionally themselves. You’ve got to be really careful in this situation because these guys will promise the world but as soon as the sale is done they’re gone and you’re dealing with a totally different crew who will be actually doing the work. Before you sign off on a painting contract make sure you’ve interviewed the person who will be actually over seeing the work!


Big Mistake #3 – Hiring Based on ONE Referral

You would not believe how many paint jobs I’ve seen go bad because someone was hired based on the referral of a friend or relative. Don’t get me wrong getting a referral is great but you can’t rely on one person’s opinion or experience to make this entire decision for you. Make sure whomever you interview for you paint job is able to give you multiple references and even better they should be able to point you to verifiable, independent third party reviews (like the Google reviews on this page).


More From Brel About Our Painting Services…

I learned “the art” of professional painting by working for several years under a master painter doing historic renovations. I’ve also worked extensively in the commercial side of the business so I understand how to get a large jobs done efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality.

My Wife likes to kid me that “I couldn’t sell myself out of a brown paper bag”. It’s true. I’m really a much better painter than salesman. I’ll be honest with you about color choices and even tell you to wait on certain items even if it means less money on my side (sorry honey).

I oversee all our paint jobs personally and typically I’m on the job site at least one time per day to check in with home-owners and make sure the work is being done exactly as it should be.

I’m very proud of my hand-picked painting crew. We pride ourselves on being on time, on budget and always respectful to your property and belongings.

Sometimes mistakes do happen. I think the true measure of a business is how they respond to those mistakes. We always strive to respond with complete honestly and total commitment to make things right with out additional cost to you.

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  • “Very thorough explanation of work to be performed & outlined in bid. Work crew was prompt and courteous & did exceptional work. When we needed to add to the contract & make changes, Brel was very easy to work with – and made himself available via phone/email/in person. We are very happy with the exterior & interior painting we requested of the company & would recommend to friends & family.”Kayce O’Brien