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Take Your Decorations a Step Further With A Holiday Paint Job

October 4th, 2016

Holiday Paint JobThe holiday season is right around the corner, and here in Denver, we’re getting more than a little excited. As often happens, the talk at work has been centered around our coolest ideas for holiday paint jobs. They’re proving to be quite popular this year, and our appointments throughout October and November are already booked up. With that in mind, we thought we would share some of our favorite paint ideas for stunning holiday homes.

Liven Up The Living Room

A few outside-of-the-box paint ideas can make your living room stand out, regardless of the holiday.

Turn your living room walls into a decorative backdrop by painting them with a design that fits your holiday theme. Complement Christmas trees with a snowy forest painted behind them. Your real tree will stand out from its evergreen friends, making it all the more stunning.  Similar ideas work for other holidays. Flank a Hanukkah menorah with dreidels or the Star of David. Spice up Thanksgiving with veggies and a goofy turkey that will be a hit with kids.

Stick with the theme this year and paint on the garland and mistletoe. Decorations made only with paint will give the room a whimsical feel that captures the holiday magic.

Make Dining Rooms Dapper

Chances are that holiday gatherings will inevitably end up in the dining room. It’s where we break bread together and celebrate another year with friends and loved ones. This makes it a great place to play with color tones that can influence the mood of a room.

We recommend using an accent wall to give your dining room character. Bright colors, like blues and reds, can give the room a stimulating aura. This is great if you’re entertaining large groups of friends who might have the tendency to get a little rowdy, as we all do after a few Denver craft brews.

Muted colors, like dark red or green, will fit right in with the holiday theme. These colors also create a soothing atmosphere in a room, which works especially well in an intimate setting.

Remember that you can also use colors to influence the opposite of the expected outcome. For example, while muted colors can sooth tensions, bright colors can lift your spirits on a dreary day.

Recreate The Kitchen

The kitchen is our wildcard. You never quite know if it’s going to be the center of wine-fueled revelry, or if the cook will demand solitude while your holiday feast is being prepared.

With this in mind, we let our imaginations run wild, as we have seen our clients do year after year. Red has been featured heavily in this post, and the theme continues here. Crimson hues are supposed to stimulate appetite, and we think that’s a great way to prepare for a holiday meal.

Cabinets are the perfect candidate for a candy cane forest or the seven candles of the menorah. Refrigerators are almost never painted, and could serve as the canvas for a child’s artwork. We can paint a background and let them handle the rest.

We hope that some of these ideas have inspired you to paint your home for the holidays. As much as we love interior and exterior painting projects, the holidays in Denver are the perfect opportunity to let our creative side shine. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a painter to bring your vision for your home’s holiday décor to life. We would love nothing more than to see your ideas become a reality.

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