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Exterior Paint Colors to Complement Your Home’s Design

March 1st, 2016

The exterior paint on your home is about so much more than curb appeal. It protects the underlying materials from wind and water damage, and keeping it maintained also protects your home’s value. All of that aside, though, you have to admit that choosing exterior paint colors is a fun process. It’s an opportunity to have a say in the appearance of your home, and it’s even more exciting when you see the finished product. Get the most from your paint job by choosing colors that complement the style of the home you love so much. Here are a few suggestions:


Victorian-era homes are characteristically ornate, making them the perfect canvas for creative homeowners who want to make vibrant color part of the home’s curb appeal. Historically, these homes were dressed in darker pigments, due to the type of paints that were used during the height of their popularity. Today, however, we are seeing more homeowners opting for brighter, more vibrant hues with contrasting trim.


One of the common features we see in modern homes is that they have been designed to become a part of the surroundings. If you live in one of these homes, you may find that rich earth tones complement your home’s exterior features best.

Generally speaking, less is more when you’re working on the exterior of a modern home. As HGTV explains, you should never try to cover any part of the actual architecture of a home. For example, the stone exterior that you are thinking of covering is more than a veneer. This is a common part of the structure of modern homes, and there is a possibility that you will devalue your property by covering it.


Cottage-style homes are naturally friendly and inviting, and you can easily enhance these features by choosing a bright, cheerful exterior color palette. White, soft blue or grey, and yellow all work very well for these houses, and painting your front door a bold contrasting color will add some extra flair to your home’s appearance. All of this can be complemented by adding some simple, but colorful, landscaping into the mix.

Ranch Houses

Not much has changed over the years in terms of color choices for ranch homes. The colors that have always been used for this style are timeless and beautiful. They call attention to the best features of the “rambler”, including the understated design and simple trim that is found on the exterior of these homes.

If you are interested in updating the exterior paint on your ranch-style home, stick with the classics: smoky grays, muddy terra-cotta reds, and low key blues or greens. Avoid anything too bold, because it will create a contrast that overshadows the simplistic beauty of your ranch.

Tract Homes

Tract homes can get a little tricky, because you are talking about creating a color palette that will work for multiple homes on a single tract. You want it to appear cohesive, without making it seem like the homes are running together.

Tract homes in coastal areas tend to feature bright homes and sharp contrasts. However, design experts suggest that the colors of a home should reflect geography above anything else. The screaming color palettes that are so charming in places like California or the Carolinas simply do not mesh well with our local culture. That’s not to say that they should be bland, however. Our local tract homes feature deep gem tones, as well as natural hues, and the end result is beautiful and extremely well-suited to our surroundings.

Whatever style home you live in, you want it to be representative of your personal tastes and lifestyle. There is no rule that says you need to choose “trendy” colors, and the truth is that the sky’s the limit. You can do so much more with your home’s exterior than you realize, including the use of stucco, cedar siding, or brick.

If you’re thinking of updating your home’s exterior, contact me to discuss your needs and goals. I am always just a phone call away, and I welcome the opportunity to help you with any upcoming paint projects that you may have in mind. Give me a call at 303-885-4514.

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